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5 Steps for Rocking Toy Swap Party

April 17, 2017 by

Didn’t your kid like the toy he got for this birthday or this Christmas? Was he too unenthusiastic and his expressions were nowhere near ‘Ah’ when he was unwrapping the gifts? Did you ever think what was it that your kid did not like, was it the color or the toy itself? If your answers to these questions were all nods of affirmation, then you most probably have tons of unused toys in your living room, which calls for an urgent ‘toy clean up’.

The best and most affordable option for this is a toy swap party! Through this event you can get rid of all the unwanted items as well as get some new ones to make your kid happy and excited! One child’s trash can be another one’s treasure!

Hosting a toy swap party is a big task in itself! So, here are the much-needed tips for a successful swap event:


  • Find a group, probably parents interested for the toy swap.
  • Next, decide on the number of guests. Any number from 5 to 15 is easily doable.
  • Finally, send your invites. Use phone calls, emails, online invitations or flyers to spread the word.
  • Include all the details like date, time, venue and contact information on all your invitations.


  • Set some rules about the swap items. Like ‘Nothing broken’ and ‘All parts intact’.
  • Tell your guests to bring in at least 5-6 items. This will encourage them to upgrade as many toys as possible and they will bring more items than requested.
  • Make exchange rules. You can stick to the general ‘one toy for a toy’ rule or use currency and tokens.


  • Provide your guests with enough space to spread out and display their toys. This makes it easy for your guests to browse toys and make the event a hit!
  • Clear up dining table or side tables for making display sections.
  • Use your imagination and plan on how to group different items.
  • It is best to separate out toys based on gender, type and size.


  • Gather some volunteers to help the guests and answer their queries.
  • You may set a dress code for these volunteers like same color shirts or some batches.
  • Stock up on some bags so people can carry things out or better yet, ask the guests to bring in their own totes and bags!


  • After the swap party, box up your left over toys and donate them to an orphanage or a charitable organisation.

Hope the ‘new’ toys will bring some joy to your home!


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