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7 Safety tips for Baby Toys

November 28, 2016 by

Little ones love to play with toys; and these playthings are their all time companion. Besides keeping your kid occupied, happy and cheerful, you have to make certain their safety as well. So, before choosing toys for your baby make sure that they meet safety standards.

As there are hundreds and thousands of options out there, picking the right one becomes difficult. And you must also ensure that what you are buying for your baby is safe. Every year, doctors attend hundreds of kids in the hospital emergency departments for injuries due to toys. For instance, cases like Kids up to three years of age tend to put objects in their mouth. This habit might cause choking. Thus, it becomes very important to pay heed to their safety.

safety tips

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In this article we will explore some things that we all need to take care of to ensure that babies are safe with their toys.

  1. Refrain your kids from playing with crystal balls, coins, marbles that are less (than 1.75 ) in diameter. This is because anything smaller than this may choke their windpipe and constraint their breathing.
  2. In case of electronic or RC toy, such toys should have battery cases secured with screws so that it’s not easily accessible for kids. This precaution is taken because battery and battery fluid contains risky material and its intake might cause chemical burns and internal bleeding.
  3. Every time you go for toy-shopping, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For instance, toys that have small parts can cause choking. So, do pay heed to all warnings on a toy’s packaging.
  4. In addition to all this, when you are checking a toy for safety, you have to make sure that it’s durable and strong enough. This is to make sure it doesn’t break into parts and harm your kid.
  5. Also, before buying a toy give it a thought and then consider whether that toy is apt for your child’s age or not. For instance: parents usually buy a bicycle one size bigger so that their kids can use it for next year as well.
  6. Avoid entertaining your kids with balloons. No doubt, balloons are colorful and fun to play with, but these playthings are a product of latex. If uninflated balloons or pieces of balloons after bursting are ingested, then it can form a tight seal in child’s airway and make it impossible for them to breathe.
  7. Prevent picking toys with a long cord or a string. This is because a chord can easily get wrapped around baby’s neck, which may cause strangulation.

So, while you are out, shopping from some Kid’s Toys Store, make sure to first check everything mentioned above. And share your views and tips about the same in the comments below. Let every reader know about it!

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