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8 Fun Pretend Play Ideas

December 16, 2016 by

Kids love pretend play! And the first person your kids will imitate is you, dear parents!

This imitation and pretending opens doors to a whole new world of endless possibilities. Your little champ can be whatever he or she wants to be — a doctor, a cook, a princess, or a superhero! Watching your little one changing into so many different roles within a few moments is actually very amusing!

While bringing their fantasy worlds into reality with role-play toys, your little ones are learning a lot! From enacting grown up roles to channelizing their energy in a better way, this kind of fun play is really beneficial for your kids!

See why it’s all so important?

There are endless ways to engage your child in pretend play. Here, we have picked the best ones to inspire you! Have a look.

Play Kitchen Sets

Your ‘little master chef’ will be thrilled to own a kitchen! Tea parties with best friends will be all more fun with pretty looking tea sets.

kitchen sets

Tent House

For your ‘adventurous’ sons and ‘daring’ daughters, nothing would be better than setting up their own tent house. Plus, it will also give your living area a fun transformation!

tent house

Hand Puppets

For your ‘always on a high’ kids, hand puppets make the best toy regardless of their age.  The high sugar rush will be used in the most productive way possible.

hand puppet

Musical Toys

Your ‘musical rising star’ will specially love the musical toys! From composing their own tunes to pretending to groove in front of a large audience, your kids will enjoy every bit of it!

musical crib


Your ‘tiny commandos’ will love their own walkie-talkie. Talking over a telephone set is another all-time favorite of your ‘little chatterbox’.

walkie talkie

Doctor Set

Let your little ones take care of their dolls and teddy bears with doctor sets! All this care giving will bestow love and affection in your tiny bundles of joy!

doctor set

Home Supermarket Set

Imitating their mommy and daddy is an all-time favorite of your kids! With a supermarket set, your little ones will enjoy the ultimate feeling of being self-supporting and independent!

supermarket set

Tool Kits

Your ‘dexterous child’ will be too excited to get his own tool box. Doing it all just like their daddy will make the toolbox even more exciting!

tool box


So parents, what are you waiting for? Get your kids some make-believe toys today and let your child pretend and have some fun!

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