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Here’s why it’s a good idea to gift your child a riding toy!

November 18, 2016 by

Watching your tiny little angel playing with his riding toys can make you a bit nostalgic about your golden childhood days. Racing around the street, riding with your best buddies, mimicking your favorite racer, everything was so much fun! Wasn’t it?

And now it’s your junior’s turn to have some fun! Apart from enjoying, sharing and caring; here’s what your kiddo will learn while pushing the pedals of his bike.

Develop Gross Motor Skills

While climbing on and off of their toy rides, your little tots will learn elementary balance and movements. Kids build gross motor skills by using their muscles to push the pedal and move along the way. Steering the wheel, pressing bells and horns, all assign the little hands some work and improve their hand eye coordination.

gross motor skills

Encourage Physical Activity

When you want your kids to move around and stay healthy, start them out early with riding toys. While zooming back and forth on a skate board or a ride-on scooter, they won’t even realize that they are exercising!

encourage physical activity

Foster Independent Play

Ride-on toys foster self-esteem and give them a sense of the world. When your kiddo is moving his bike from one place to another, it sets a stage for independent play. The unsupervised play in turn builds up intrinsic motivation.

independent play

Spark Creativity

Vehicle toys let the kiddiewinks have some pretend play too. While rocking their rides, your boisterous son might act like a pro skater and your charming daughter enact an independent shopping spree. These make-believe scenes spark creativity and widen the scope of imagination of your little ones!

spark creativity

Enhance Spatial Intelligence

Taking his bikes and riding toys out and beyond the walls of your house will surely stimulate his spatial intelligence. Exploring the outdoors on toy rides also improves critical thinking and observational skills of your kid.

gross motor skills

Now, you have got ample reasons to gift your kiddos a riding toy to bring out their sporty side!


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