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Let them ‘build-up’ their own world!

October 24, 2016 by

Ask any mom what is the significance of toys for her child?  Most of them would gladly come up with the same answer that toys are not only important for my cute devil darling, but for myself too!! At least, they keep this little monster ‘out of my hair’ for a while. This is indeed one of the many reasons to get new playthings for your brat!

However, if we look at the scene from another angle, toys are the very first way and means to foster learning and growth of your growing one. You just utter the word ‘toys’ and you would be swamped with gazillions of options. Some playthings are meant to enhance your young one’s creativity, some would make them grasp new things, while others might use their energy to keep them healthy & active.

The gamut of choices available in the market is sure to put you into a dilemma. Basically, what you want is their overall development! At this point in time, playthings such as building blocks and Lego blocks come to your rescue. You should consider buying these construction toys to help prosper your child’s wild imagination, sharpen his mental abilities and nurture his cognitive development.

Bricks & Blocks help in honing various skills of your toddler:

Add some more words to their little dictionary! — Math and Vocabulary

Ever thought what all the giggles and chuckles of your baby mean? That’s a sign of him trying hard to say something to you. In the beginning, singing and stumbling over words seem cute. However, they need to learn as they grow.

Building toys can really prove beneficial for expanding your kids’ vocabulary and learn basic mathematical skills. They can actually ‘visualize’ the words related to subjects like colors, shapes, buildings, etc. Also, they might even surprise you by learning ‘counting’ in just few days!

building toys

Let them see the wonder of Cause and Effect! — Cognitive Thinking

Kids know that their mommy will come running if they start crying or laugh out when they laugh, and so forth. This is cognition!! Probably, cognition is something that comes hardwired into each brain since birth. Still, you need to work towards the child’s cognitive development to make him competent for today’s world.

Bricks and blocks are a wonderful way to achieve that! From understanding how to position blocks in a way that they stand erect, to comprehending that stronger base is essential for stronger structures; these toys sharpen your cognitive abilities. Skills such as hand-eye coordination, grabbing of blocks in a right way, comes along as an added advantage.

Bricks and blocks

Cheer them to be a bit more gregarious! — Social Skills

How many times do you have to literally push your junior to say hello to the little guests in the house? Probably many times! We know that this is the most crying aspect of raising a child.

When you buy your cute kiddo a toy that can be shared, it fosters a sense of socialization into the minds of your tiny tots. In the process of building a tall tower or while sharing the idea of their ‘dream creation’, they will learn to get along with their friends.


Thus, if you want your innocent one to be street smart, kids building blocks prove to be an ideal choice. And the best of all, the completed sets would make a beautiful memory which you can decorate in your home or office. So keep your brats busy for hours and get some vibrant and colorful building blocks today!

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