let your kids bloom with puzzles
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Let your kids bloom with Puzzles!

November 4, 2016 by

Be it a toddler or an adult, everyone loves solving mysteries. After all, the whole play of putting the pieces together is so interesting that they would literally want to play it again and again.

This ‘solve-me’ thing is sure to get you so engrossed that you will lose track of the time.  All the fun of figuring your way through a puzzle has its benefits too. When your kiddiewinks are brainstorming for a solution, they are also enhancing their cognitive, visual, spatial and motor skills.

Here is a light read to know more about how kids bloom with puzzles:

Synchronizing their moves

Kids are very keen on moving their eyes, hands and bodies towards objects and people that comfort and interests them. While using their limbs and legs, they are enhancing their eye and hand coordination.

synchronizing their moves

Developing motor skills.

Solving helps in the development of fine motor skills, which are necessary in their day-to-day life. It also helps in enhancing their concentration power and grasping power. Some of these games require tossing and twisting knobs to fit in the various puzzle parts. Moreover, these help in evolving the strength in their fingers.
developing motor skills

Learning to solve the problems

For figuring out any problem, your toddler first needs to concentrate and think what approach should be followed in order to accomplish the task. And, puzzle-solving lend the patience to do so!
learning to solve problems

Sharpen their memory

Children like to repeat solving the same puzzle over and over again and this makes their memory sharp. They stop, think, recall how to solve a specific puzzle, and this whole process promotes the cerebral development. Therefore, improving their retention power.

sharpen their memory

Some  more plus points

They help in the development of the logical and analytical skills of the child. Some puzzles optimize their Visual spatial awareness; some improvise their vocabulary, so on and so forth.

some plus points

Parents can make the puzzle-solving experience more fun by helping participating with their kiddos while they crack it. Puzzles help kids in enhancing their vocabulary and memory, keeping the fun part intact. So, this very game is a win -win situation for the little ones.

parents and kids

Just go ahead and buy one puzzle for him!


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