All your little minion needs is “YOU”

All your little minion needs is “YOU”

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The picture of cute little Vodafone Hutch Pug, pops up in my mind when I see a kid trailing around his parents wanting their attention. The Tagline, ”Wherever you’ll go, I’ll follow”, is apt for such situations. The cute little minions (kids) actually look too adorable following their parents like this.

Be it a matter of being happy or something that made your minion smile upside down, the little ones always want you by their side. But, that literally annoys you sometimes, Right? At times, you desire for a “me-time”. But your children don’t get that especially when it’s your bedtime. So, all you need to do is be there for them all the time and sometimes, overtime.

Always being there for your child may be physically exhausting for you. But, after a while you become so good at your job that it becomes a habit. You don’t know yet, but your little ingenious can sense whether you are physically present or you are just pretending that you are listening to them.

Being called mommy-mommy or daddy-daddy by your little-ones might be infuriating at times that you may lose your temper and react in an unpleasant way. But you also know that it is not an appropriate response. Rather than giving an instant reaction, be patient and understand. These are the times when your little ones are yearning for more closeness or else they will start whining. They are behaving in such a manner because they are craving for endearment and you need to apprehend that. More than anything else they want you to be emotionally available for them.

Being emotionally available requires parents to give undivided attention and to be compassionate towards their little kids.

No matter where you go,

No matter where you are,

You are what your kids’ eyes always look for.


Your kids will surely love the gifts you give them but always remember that nothing can compensate your love and presence for them. Besides stuffing your child’s toy box with materialistic things, gift them your attention and affection.

When parents are emotionally available to their children they perform better academically, they have better social skills, and they are less likely to engage in delinquent behavior.

Emotional availability is all your little one is looking for from you. It is what they will remember the rest of their lives. So, fill up their world with the Colors Of Love!


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    Very nice and informative

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      Thank you. 🙂

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