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Staying Indoors can be Fun too!

January 7, 2017 by

The beautiful winter season has hit our doors. And, Aah! There are so many good things about this season such as sitting indoors, gorging on peanuts in the cold, wearing sweaters knitted by mom, the warmth of blankets, etc.!

But there’s a downside too, it is a difficult task to keep your naughty brats cooped up indoors to keep them protected from the not-so-good-for-health weather!

If you have also faced a similar problem, then landing on this page will surely prove beneficial for you. Here is an interesting roster of games and activities to delight your juniors when you don’t want them to go out!

Build Up Something!

Kids love to make and break things. Encourage your little ones to build up something interesting with their blocks. This way they’ll remain occupied and enjoy sitting inside.

Solve out Puzzles!

This is an intelligent brain work. It helps kids exercise their cognitive and problem solving muscles. Make them learn, develop and have fun- all at the same time!

Do some Art and Craft!

So, get your juniors into some creative fun! They can paint and color beautiful pictures or even do some craft work while sitting indoors. Allow them to get a lil’ messy with colors and paints. There are many art and craft toys available at ToyCart, checkout!

Family Time Together!

The whole family can get together to play some board games. With innumerable board games available, you can choose the one that suits your taste.

My favorite ones are monopoly, chess and tambola. You can choose yours from HERE.

Signature Story Telling!

This is an evergreen trick to keep your kids occupied! Start reading out a good story to your little one and tell them to contribute in the story telling. For example, while reading a story like Cinderella you can ask your child,” what would you do if somebody teased you like she was teased? “It teaches children to think on their toes.

So, you have some cool ideas to get your kids into, “Mumma, I wanna stay inside” mode! And you can enjoy those coldest winter days with some family, togetherness and fun time. Now, you must have got tips to cure the cabin fever that comes along with winters.























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