5 genius storage ideas for kids' room
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5 Genius Storage Ideas for Kids Room

September 13, 2017 by

It definitely gets a lot difficult to keep things tidy when you have little minions in your home who just have one job – wreaking havoc in the home with their toys and games! Your home looks like a scene straight out from a natural disaster movie. This clutter gets even worse when you have more toys than you have the space to store them.

However, it is still possible to have kids in your home and keep it clean at the same time. Yes, you heard me right.

Here are some simple storage ideas on how you can make the kids’ room tidy once and for all.

So let’s get to them one by one.

hanging storage bags


Hanging Storage Bags

It is the most versatile storage option. You can hang the fabric storage bag by the bedside, on the wall, or on the door. These are probably the easiest DIY out there. Choose the number and size of the pockets as per your like and need. Think up what your kids want to keep close to them. Is it the books, video games or soft toys? Design your own organizers accordingly.



soda crates


Soda Crates

Turn old crates into adorable storage baskets by painting them with eye-catching colors. If you don’t have crates in your home, then you can get some from nearby shops and stores. Keep them in plain sight or move them under the bed to create more space. Add wheels to the bottom of your crates to make it easy for your kids to move it around the room.



toy planters


Toy Planters

This storage idea is the most creative organizing solution of all. Put some toy planters on the wall. Instead of growing flowers and plants, keep your adorable stuffed toys in them. These planters are inexpensive and your teddy bears and dolls look so cute up there.



clear cookie jars


Clear Cookie Jars

After emptying your favorite jar of cookies, you can reuse it as a transparent storage jar. You can paint the lids in vibrant colors and stick some cute animal shapes on the top. As these jars are transparent, you can easily find the things you choose to store in these jars. You can keep crayons, clips or small building blocks in these cute cookie jars.



magnetic board cans


Magnet Board Cans

Make the best use of those plain walls. Put a magnet board on the wall. Next, find some empty cans. Stick a magnet on each can and then stick it on the board. It is that easy! Color the cans to match the interior of the room. Stash pens, crayons, scissors, papers, small racing cars, lego blocks or whatever you like in these cans. Put labels to keep track of what is kept in which can.


Hope this article gave you some insights on how to keep the kids’ room neat and clean. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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