4 ways to teach your lilttle ones not to interrupt
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4 ways to teach your little ones not to interrupt

September 5, 2017 by

Your friend called you and you need to talk to her, but your little ones are screaming and constantly calling you “mom, mom, mooooom!” on the top of their voices that you can barely hear yourself, forget hearing about what your friend is saying. So next time be cautious, instead of scolding them or yelling at them, smartly train them.


What you need to do is make your little monkeys understand that everything they want to speak is not urgent. Tell them the high-priority situations in which they can only interrupt. This is because what habits we inculcate in our kids today will reflect on in the later stages of their life. In case, they feel their current situation needs your immediate attention, request them to ask you through a gesture, for instance: by raising their hand or by gently keeping their hand on your arm and saying, Excuse Me! By doing so, they would communicate themselves without interrupting you.

Below I have shortlisted some of the effective ways in which you can teach your little ones not to interrupt in-between:

1. Think before you act

When you are in front of your kids, you need to pay proper attention to your words and the way you react in certain situations. Children preach what they see and young minds pick up things at a very fast pace. So, be cautious. For better understanding, I’ll quote an instance here: while stopping your kid from doing something wrong you might behave loudly or rudely. Restrain yourself from behaving abruptly in situations like these rather maintain your calm and respond politely.

think before you act

2. Do not respond

While you are in-between a conversation and your little one tries to interrupt, don’t answer back in the same breath. If you do so this reaction will only fortify their behaviour and they will repeat that again in the future. So not responding instantly in such situations will prove beneficial for your kids as well for you.

do not respond

3. Tap gently

Teaching your little ones to tap gently while you are busy talking to someone or are in the middle of some conversation with somebody, reflects good manners. For instance, when they want their toys and games, they should gently tap while you are busy in a conversation. Further, you can respond by touching their hand to show that you have heard and will respond in some time.

tap gently

4. Don’t give heed

When you are talking to someone else, be it on the phone or in person, the most damaging thing you can do to your kid is, stop and give them your attention at that time. Once you give them much needed attention while they are interrupting, they will do that again. So, resist doing that.

don't give heed

Hope these ways help you in holding the horses of your little monkeys when they try to interrupt you next time. And dear parents, don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share your effective ways with other parents and enlighten them.

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