Some tips to make ‘toy-shopping’ fun!
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Some tips to make ‘toy-shopping’ fun!

October 24, 2016 by

So, you are out in the market searching hard to get the best toy for your little brat? The motive might be to keep your little one out-of-your-hair and out-of-the-pickle or may be to help them learn some key life lessons while playing. Whatever it is, when you place your foot in a toy shop, you are sure to get a little bewildered with all a whole lot of choices available in there.

Here, we are penning down some tips to get you started with the ‘best-toy-search’. Just scroll it through!

Forget fancy, Go traditional!

Just go back to your own childhood days. What did you enjoy the most back then?  Was it a set of blocks, some puzzles, sports cars or action figures? You can never go wrong with these classic choices. All you have to do is search for new and updated versions of your personal favorites. To give an idea, you may try out an updated set of Lego block or a puzzle that demands matching concepts.

traditional toys

Your child’s interests matter!

Just because the label says ‘the best-selling’, doesn’t really validate the same. Focus on your child’s preferences and interests. How many trips will it make out of the toy box is based on the fact that how much your child likes it. So, if your charming daughter likes music, gift her piano or a microphone. And, if your boisterous son is a great sports fan, then, cricket set would be a perfect gift.

kids interest

A keen eye for the details!

Do you read out all the almost unreadable font written on the back cover of each toy? If not, then it is high time you take a closer look! Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges or points in the toys that could hurt your neonate. All in all, buy sturdy and well-built playthings that could withstand the rough play. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality, keep looking for more!


Match it to the age!

In the run of making your kid street smart, you might be ignoring the fact that a toy is basically meant to engage and entertain your tot, and not to burden them! For the starters, look at the figures of the recommended age range. This label is an indication of developmental milestones for particular age groups. Furthermore, the safety standards also differ based on different age groups.

right toys

Give a thought for imagination!

Do you give in to the hype of ‘hot selling’ items and have the illusion that you should buy them too? Do you think about the scope of open-ended play that a particular toy offer? Toddlers explore the world around them through their imagination and innovation. So, pick out the playthings that support the creativity element and foster the thought process & cognitive development of your kid.


art and craft toys

Get an extra vote!

If you are still not so sure about it, never hesitate to call upon some help. You can ask a salesperson or ask a friend or a parent to suggest something apt. The last resort is to peek at other children to know what they are enjoying and purchasing.

toy suggestion

Don’t worry at all!

After all, there is no war! There’s nothing to get so worried about. Just start with the above mentioned tips and gradually you’ll master the art of buying the right playthings. Plus, you get a chance to bring out the kid in you while exploring all those cute teddy bears and make-believe sets!

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Happy Toy Shopping!

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