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Toys according to the personalities of your little monkeys!

November 4, 2016 by

Imagine a situation when you are taking your kiddo to a play school for the first time. There is a lot that could happen at the door. May be your child will get all too excited to see so many toys under one roof and rush past you to try them all. The other scene may involve your bashful tot clinging to your legs and refusing to join the kids at the puzzle table. The last one could be your charming angel smiling at the scene in front of his little eyes. All he would need is a bit of encouragement to join his would-be friends.

Now, you might be wondering how your kid would react in a situation like that? And an easy answer is that Your Kid’s Personality plays a BIG role in the same!

So let’s jump in and find out about what these little aliens are all about. As a bonus, you’ll master a few tips and tricks the next time you step into the market for some toy-shopping.

Super Active

Is your little brat always running around the home and couldn’t keep at the same spot even for five minutes? May be your little one is on a sugar rush or just born with super energy levels! Take that tiny ‘always on a high’ member of your family out-and-beyond the walls of your house. Gift them the perfect props like drones, RC toys, bicycles, tricycle, skates etc.

super active

Copy Cat

These little aliens are boisterous mimicker who wants to speed up across the town just like his dad or the giggly little imitator who loves all the pinks and reds of her mother whether it’s the lipsticks or the shoes. Inspire your child to be whatever they want to be and the perfect gifts would be action figures, RC toys, make-believe play sets, kitchen sets, electronics etc.

copy cat

Calm and Collected

Kids, who are at peace with their inner energy and sound levels, have a rhythm of their own. Don’t push them too much to join the ‘little monkeys’ doing jumping jacks. Instead, encourage them for some more creative activities they like, which could be anything like clay, books, music, arts and crafts etc.

calm and collected

Shy and Careful

Kids of this kind don’t like to jump into anything and everything! Rather, they first like to thoroughly observe and analyze everything that comes in front of their eyes. As a parent, you can always bring out the best side of such a personality by encouraging their analytical and logical skills. Equip your child with puzzles, board games, Lego, building sets and toys, robots to help them polish their personality perfectly!

shy and careful

This is just an overview of the personalities. You can always observe your child for any particular habits, likes and dislikes. It’s good to encourage and inspire your child for things, but never push them too much. Always support their choices and give them the means that they need, even if it’s about toys.

Happy Parenting!

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